Keratosis Obturans Removal

V. COMPLEX CASE: Keratosis Obturans Removal - #356Laryngoscope. 1980 Mar;90(3):383-91. Keratosis obturans and external auditory canal cholesteatoma. Piepergerdes MC, Kramer BM, Behnke EE. Keratosis.

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Keratosis obturans is an uncommon disorder characterized by the formation of a.

Once the ear canal is cleared, regular removal of accumulating skin cells is.

We present a case of keratosis obturans that was misdiagnosed as impacted wax .

He gave a history of multiple failed ear wax removal in his left ear that had.

Jan 17, 2017.

All the patients had exenteration (removal) of the keratosis obturans which involved careful peeling off of the tightly adherent matrix. On some.

Dec 29, 2016.

Max Stanley Chartrand-Septic Keratosis Obturans: A Stealth Public.

However, upon removal, it can become painful, and usually comes as a.

Keratosis obturans is a relatively uncommon ear disease, where dense plug of keratin is present in the deep meatus of the ear. It is clinically diagnosed when removal of the debris shows silvery white.